We’ve got a country!

We’ve finally got a country… South Africa! We are slated to leave the 16th of July, which is right around the corner. We will spend two or three days on the East Coast (possibly in DC or Philadelphia) for a brief orientation, then we will be off on our journey. Once we reach South Africa, we will complete 8-10 weeks of Pre-Service Training (PST) with the rest of our Peace Corps class. Following this in-country training, we will be placed at our program site, where we will spend the next 24 months or so. We will not know our site location until after PST, but have reasonable indication that we will be in one of these three provinces: Northwest, Mpumalanga, or Limpopo.

We will learn more about our exact projects as we go along, but here’s what we know, at this point: Ben will be placed as an Instructional Coach for primary schools. Susie will be working with a non-governmental organization (NGO) to further develop HIV/AIDS services.

Exciting times await, but for now we must do much work in preparation for the adventure that is to come! Stay tuned…