Christmas in Durban

Our actual Christmas was spent in Durban with Joseph, a good friend of Susie’s from Camp Pecometh (in Maryland). We had a wonderful time with him and his new wife, Rochelle, and their fabulous family and friends. They treated us to cultural shows, crocodiles, and the Indian Ocean!

Rochelle, Ben, Suz, and Joseph, in front of the “Valley of a Thousand Hills,” in the KwaZula-Natal province.

Cultural dance performance at PheZulu, a tribute to Zulu culture and traditions.

Crocodiles at PheZulu. As a “fear factor” experience, you could pay to eat lunch INSIDE the cage with one of the guides! Intriguing, but no thanks…

The beach in Durban, our first swim in the Indian Ocean!

(See online photo album for more pictures and captions).

Christmas in Abbotspoort

The Barr-Wilson Famiily celebrated their own little Christmas, Dec. 22nd, before leaving for vacation. We didn’t have a tree, so we put our presents under the “Christmas fan!” Fresh banana bread, scones, & fruit for breakfast, followed by opening fun presents from afar. (Thank you, everyone, for your kind generosity!)

(Please see our online photo album for more pictures).

Christmas is coming!

Well Christmas is just around the bend and we are listening to the sounds of rain on our little tin roof and Christmas music emanating from the laptop speakers. There has been a cold front hanging around for the past few days and I am drinking it in! Prior to this time it has rained mostly during the night, but we have had fairly consistent rain for the past three days. My only frustration is that laundry just doesn’t seem to dry in the rain. Hmm…

This is officially our first Christmas spent away from our families so we are doing what we can to make it special. Susie is really working hard to bring in the season. We bought scones at the local shop and Suz just made banana bread (they don’t quite take the place of orange rolls and Challa <sp?>, but what can you do.) We have some champaign in the fridge and most of our presents are wrapped. Travel restriction has just come to an end and Sunday we will be heading out to visit our friend, Joseph, in Durban for a week. After that, it’s off to the Wild Coast along the Indian Ocean for New Years with two fabulous PC friends, Ben and Jennie Bleckley. The trip will be a nice change, allowing us to see more of South Africa and experience more of its people. We leave Abbotspoort on the 23rd and will return on Jan. 4th, refreshed and re-energized for service.

Wherever this Christmas season finds you, we hope you are well and that joy creeps into your heart like a small child creeping into check the stalkings and presents early on Christmas morning, bursting with anticipation and excitement as we share all that we can with those who surround us.

Wishing you Merry Christmas and a joy-filled New Year!

The B-Dubs

Christmas Sugar Cookies

Today we shared the fun Christmas tradition of baking sugar cookies with Happy and Sammy, two of the kids in our host family. (A third little one, Moloko, joined us, as well). It was great! We listened to Christmas music as we made Santas, ginger bread people, snowmen (which they thought were trees), and the letters, “H,” “S,” and “M” for the three kids’ names. After decorating with glaze and sprinkles, we spread a little Christmas cheer by sharing some of the freshly baked cookies with our neighborhors. Thanks to our Prosser Dad for the fabulous recipe!

Sammy and Cookies

Sammy takes a break in the decorating process to sample his work. We love this kid!