A quick trip home that I wouldn’t have missed for the world

You may have heard rumor that I (Suz) flew home for a week in September. Well I’d like to officially confirm that that rumor was correct. 🙂 I flew home for the wedding of one of my dearest friends, Sarah Spring! Although I was only in the states for 6 quick days, it was totally worth it. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and Sarah was naturally a gorgeous bride.

Sarah and Suz in the bride’s room, moments before the ceremony

While home, I also had the chance to see Stella, Meghan, Jacque, and my family!

Stella and Suz in a “dancing, squishy, bug-hug!”

Meghan (P.P.!), Suz, and “My Friend” Jacque

Barr Family Sibs (Dan “Barrvinkski.” Phil “Monkey,” and “Sooooz”)

Suz and Mom (Awe…)

Mom and I ended up going bowling on my last night in Seattle. We had a blast and she totally kicked my butt without even trying! 🙂

Aunt Diana and Uncle Ron kindly let me stay at their place for the week, borrow their car, and come & go, as needed. Hurray for wonderful family and friends!

Without meaning to, I themed my “limited time American meals,” Asian-style. I enjoyed Thai food, Vietnamese food, AND a Mongolian grill! I visited Starbucks (3 times) and brought back tasty bread from the Great Harvest Bread Company. I managed to acquire items for girls club and for Ben & me at REI, Good Will, Target, Safeway, Bartell’s Drugs, and Barnes ‘n Noble. It was a wonderful feeling being home in familiar areas and shopping in stores I knew, but everything felt so BIG! Not that there aren’t stores in South Africa, but there just seems to be more of everything in the U.S. It was sad to leave, again, but I took comfort in knowing I would be back in less than a year. And, besides, I had to return to my husband in our little South African concrete house and tin roof! Until next year, Seattle…

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  1. I love that my title is, “My Friend.” If I didn’t know better, I’d think you put it in quotes because it wasn’t true!! Good thing I just know that’s my title! It was so good to see you. Glad things are going well over there.

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