Contact Info

Susie and Benjamin Barr-Wilson, PCV
PO Box 637
Abbot’s Poort 0608
South Africa

When mailing a package, it helps to write “Education Materials”, “Used Supplies,” or “Religious Supplies” on the outside, to assure that it passes through customs. Also, the higher the value of enclosed materials, the greater charge we’ll pay upon receiving the package, so if you don’t mind writing as low of an estimated value as possible, that would be tremendous.

OPTIONAL PACKAGE ITEMS (updated 12/22/07)

Some people have generously asked if they could send us anything. First, please know that your letters are, by far, the best gift you could provide! We can pretty much acquire everything that we need here, but should you happen to feel motivated to send something along with your letter/package, any one of the following non-essential items would be thoroughly appreciated:

  • Body lotion (Aveeno or an organic brand would be perfect)
  • Body butter/cream (it’s so dry, here!)
  • Dental floss
  • Embroidery string
  • Emergency-C fizzy drink packets (tangerine)
  • Granola bars/Energy bars
  • Beef jerky (teriyaki)
  • Wheat Thins (sun-dried tomato and basil)
  • Trail mix (preferably something different than peanuts, raisins, and M&M’s, because we can usually find these here)
  • Black beans

Thank you!!!

8 Responses

  1. Hey Mr. Bdub,

    Greetings from former student Liam. Africa looks beautiful and it’s awesome to see you and your wife enjoying yourselves while helping the locals. I looked at some of your photo album pictures and it seems like the Peace Corps is something I might like to do someday. I hope all is well and continues to do so.

    Keep on Keepin on,

    Liam Sweeney

  2. Hi Susie and Benjamin! I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras almost a decade ago. One of my biggest challenges as a volunteer was trying to figure out projects that would really help my community. While I hope I made a positive impact in some way as a PCV, I guess you could say that I’ve never stopped looking for a “great idea” that could really impact communities most at need. Recently I had an idea that I think has some potential. I am looking for a PCV somewhere in Africa with (hopefully) an interest or skill in photography. I am randomly contacting you because I came across your blog, and you look like nice, happy people. If you have the time to listen to a random person with a (hopefully) good project idea, please e-mail me. Thanks, Sybil Conrad

  3. I have tried several times to mail a note but I get kicked off and the screen says this sight is unavailable.
    so here goes again. I f this getsd through this time i will write more.

  4. Ben and Susie:
    Thanks for letting me know that we are now communicating. I really like the site and reading about your life and times in Africa. I know that you are learning a lot that you would never even be able to comprehend unless you’ve lived it, and you are living the adventure. Thanks for posting a lot of pictures. The stories are more alive with the pictures. You guys take care and we look forward to seeing you when you return to the States.
    Rick and Carol.

  5. Hi,
    I just wanted to say that finding this site brought back a lof of memories. I was hoping to find a way to see how the current PC program is going. I’m a 2nd Grade Teacher and would like to get my students involved in any way that any volunteer may need us. Thank you for keeping me posted and I wish all of you continued success.

    “Ndia livhuwa”

    Eric Dennard
    Peace Corps South Africa 1

  6. Dear Susie and Ben

    I am an HR assistant at CARE SA and i was hoping you would be willing to share your Emergency Preparedness Plan and your Evacuation Plan with us. This would be of great assistance

    Warm regards

  7. Dear Ben & Susie

    Im encounting problem when try to apply for the position at your organisation.
    The e-mail : at South africa it’s not working even not exist,can you please give me the valid e-mail please.
    Warm Regards

  8. some energy bars are just too sweet for my own taste. is there a sugar free energy bar? :*`

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